18 November 2022

Adam Roberts

CEO, Hodl

Registration from: 11:45am

Lunch: 12:30pm

Adam Roberts kindly came to speak to us about that controversial topic, cryptocurrency. Although it's been around for a decade or so, it's still very much in its infancy and requires some careful planning, as Adam explained. It can be another form of passive income many people are not aware of.

Event Roundup

Cryptocurrency has been making the headlines recently, so it was perfect timing for Adam to join us and alleviate some concerns.

He taught us some of the crypto basics and showcased some of the exciting developments his company, Hodl, is planning that we can all benefit from.

Here’s a taste of some of Adam’s crypto insights:

  • It uses incredible technology. It uses an accurate, secure, non-fragmented ledger
  • Builds apps on top of tech
  • Long-term investment, hence, hodl – “hold on for dear life”
  • Borderless and decentralised, impossible for politicians and governments to dilute their value.
  • The same token can be used worldwide, unlike currency with fluctuating exchange rates.
  • Tokens’ economics are defined for investors. Unlike traditional currencies, the rules of ‘tokenomics’ are implemented through codes and transparent. It is not subject to the same inflation and deflation.

So, what are people using these virtual crypto tokens for?

  • Investment
  • To store value
  • Or to make purchases, such as digital art and online tickets

Key takeaways:

  • Used carefully, crypto is simple and uses better transaction tech than other investment platforms.
  • It is still in early development. It can be volatile and subject to corruption.
  • It can be risky, but has the highest growth potential of any asset, ever!
  • Learn how to interact with it. Invest a small amount to test it, buy and sell and watch how it performs.

For more information on hodl, visit HODL

To learn more about cryptocurrencies, click here.


NCBC Event Details

Adam Roberts


Adam has 15 years of experience in building start-ups and tech companies, including delivering exits to international brands like Michelin and Bookatable.

Adam's current project is a fin-tech based cryptocurrency project that focuses on creating passive income for its users. He'll be providing an intro to cryptocurrencies as a whole, as well as this company's plan for the future of this exciting project.

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