Nottingham City Business Club supports local charities for Action Day

At the club’s monthly event, three local charities were given the opportunity to give a presentation about their respective organisations with a view to raising awareness of what they do, network with local business people and gain some constructive advice about how to approach businesses for support.  It was followed by Q & A sessions.

The three organisations involved were:

  • Grown Spaces, managed by Steve Doig at St Christopher’s church in Sneinton. Steve runs a social eating café that has become a lifeline for vulnerable local people
  • SFiCE Foundation, a local independent charity, founded by Parminder Dhanjal in 2009. Parminder runs the SFiCE Social Café in St Ann’s for people who are experiencing financial difficulties
  • Bestwood Park Church. Chris Easton is the Minister and community leader. Chris runs a local food bank which fed 1,200 people struggling with poverty last year


The Action Day event is held each year to bring together local businesses with community organisations, to explore the issues affecting their region, and to discover how they can build a connected society together and address key social challenges.

“I am delighted that we were able to support these three local charities.  It is important to the club and its council that we share our collective knowledge and experiences with the wider community” said Ian Roberts, the club’s president.